Tiny Treasures

What came first: the name Liv or this bracelet? I'm not too sure, however, once I spotted this tiny gold bracelet in our EZ Pawn Corp. Jackson Heights location I knew naming my baby girl with an "L" was meant to be. I’ve probably mentioned this many times before, but as children growing up we were constantly gifted jewelry (a true perk of the family business), however it wasn't until now that I really appreciated those gifts. In hindsight the jewelry I was gifted created value, and maybe even accumulated value; the beauty of gold, while I may not have had the trendiest pieces in silver (David Yu rman, Tiffany & Co, etc), is that I had something to hold on to for years and years. While I am not typically sentimental about jewelry (also a side-effect of this business), I am about jewelry with engravings and meaning. This piece felt right from the moment I spotted it and it was as if I had made it for my little girl, even after we decided that her name would be Liv.

To create your own tiny treasure for you for your little one, just reach out to lauren@bygoldgirl.com -- we can add an engraving to nearly anything with a flat surface and have tons of inventory to choose from!

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