Stack it up!

Piling on rings has been quite the trend for forever now and I absolutely love it! I love the look of different shapes and textures on rings that fit perfectly together on your hands. While I love the vintage look, I think there is a perfect way to mix and match vintage with new, round stones with baguettes, etc.

Here are some of my current picks if your tempted to follow along!

For the Simple Stack

Forever band

I always like to start with a simple base and round diamonds go with anything. Look at this like the “little black dress” of jewelry and you will have the perfect stack in no time.

Next add a ring with some bend or uniqueness to it. I love this one.

Lastly, I would throw some color into the mix. One of my favorite precious gemstones is Sapphire and I would alternate between wearing this solo or in the middle of the above two.

For a Unique Stack

Start with a simple band (I always like to start simple and then gradually add on)

Next, add your bling. I love this ring for a pop of diamonds

Some fun texture to break it all up

I would top this look off with this simple crown, because you're a princess!

For a Rose Gold Stack

I love this ring so simple and versatile

Add this in the middle so that the pink sapphire drapes down over the ring above it

Remember you could also always opt for the “fake it” stack with these great thick and multi-layered rings:

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