Spread Love: its the Valentine's way!

We are officially only a month away from Valentines Day! Besides going on dates with BAE- this day is all about appreciating those you love. So why not show your appreciation with gifts that are a girls best friend? Diamonds!
It's no wonder that Valentines Day is one of the best days for proposals & this Victorian Diamond Engagement ring is perfect for the woman you love. I absolutely love the glow and fire from antique cut diamonds - a must see!
Another rare and beautiful antique piece that doesn't require as much as a commitment (like a ring!), but says I love you SO much is this watch:
This antique Hamilton watch is immensely rare and impeccably detailed. It is captivating and brilliant. Almost as unique as the person you are getting it for. Plus they will never be late to a date again!
Next, this “Love” necklace is a staple. Perfect for everyday and anyone. And thats what Valentines Day is about: sharing and spreading the love. It can be a friend, a sister, a mother, or a daughter. I just know they will “LOVE” this necklace.
Additionally, Valentines Day isn’t just a day about appreciating the man or woman in your life, but those you just appreciate and are thankful for…
…my rock has always been my mom, so I think mothers of the world deserve a little gift on this special day! One of the hardest & most selfless jobs in the universe.
Although Valentines Day is a day full of love, some people can’t help but finding it too gooey or a Hallmark holiday. We've all been there! For those people, I have something for you too!
This barbed wire 18k yellow gold bracelets is the perfect statement piece to say “keep off!!” on this gooey day! But in an extremely edgy and well crafted way.
Whatever side you're on, Valentines Day is right around the corner and is the perfect excuse to spoil yourself or the ones you're grateful for.
Feel free to reach out to me for any extra help in finding anything or check out our stores at Beauty & Essex to shop before or after dinner.

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